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Fleet Driver Training.

Fleet driver training is a long standing part of Redpoint Driver Training.

Established in 2003, we have many years experience in delivering proactive, high quality, fleet driver training. Providing a fleet risk management programme to individuals and companies across the South East of England.

Our training courses are specifically designed for people who are driving for work or professionally in a variety of different vehicles including cars, vans, lorries and taxis.

Your employees are some of the biggest assets in your business. Training them to be safe whilst driving for work, benefits them and your company. We can work with you to develop a Driver Development Training programme to suit your operational requirements and budget.

Driver safety starts at the very top of any company. Whether the Managing Director of a large haulage operation, head of a sales company or a small business owner, you are legally obliged to observe Health and Safety regulations on the road for you and your employees.

Redpoints role is to help ensure that companies of any size, comply with the legal obligations of Occupational Road Risk legislation. In simple terms, this is an extension of current Health & Safety requirements in the workplace.

An assessment of your drivers on a one to one basis would take a short time out of their working day.

At-work crashes are the single largest cause of employment-related deaths in the UK. It is shown that driver behaviour is one of  the main contributors to motor vehicle crashes.

Our fleet driver training courses deal directly with these issues and therefore promote total legal compliance, significantly reduced fleet running costs and a positive safe driving culture.

Fuel savings alone will pay for our entire service with additional benefits including fewer incidents, reduced running costs and a safer, more productive workforce.

Just some of the benefits are:

– Good driving standards promotes a positive company image and Improve your drivers skills to reduce incidents and running costs.

– Minimise driver risk whilst driving at work. Fewer accidents could lower insurance premiums and means reduced driver injury & absences.

– Eco-safe driving helps cut environmental emissions and reduces vehicle tyres wear and tear. It also reduces fuel costs, saves lost time and costs incurred through vehicles off the road, down time for repairs and fulfil your health and safety, duty of care and legal obligations.

Below is a selection of brands and companies that we have worked with.

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